6 september 2016


Enkele adressen van  internationale luidspreker reparaties.

USA  Luidspreker reparatie.

Loudspeakerrepair in  Phoenix Arizona  85007

Mr. Omara Eric


Eric J. Omara
HTS Audio Video
1513 West Lynwood street
Phoenix Az 85007


Loudspeakerrepair in   Wisconsin.

Mr.  Varacins

E mail address on request


Loudspeakerrepair in Aliso Viejo    California.

Mr.  Lashower

E mail address on request


Loudspeakerrepair in Lynden     Washington 

Mr. Anderson

E mail address on request



Loudspeaker repair in Jackson   New Jersey  

Thank you,it was quick work.

Speakers working perfectly.

Thank you,

Vidmantas Tuleikis


788 Wright Delow Road

Jackson  NJ 08527 USA


Loudspeakerrepair in the United Kingdom.

The Funk Firm

Is it that they are reluctant or  is it that they are in truth: lazy / throwaway society / “Can’t be bothered…let’s try something new” mentality?

People have too much money now.

“My (£800!) phone doesn’t work”.

…Well, go buy a new one!

But then again we have been well trained: “My computer still works…only, it is too slow…I have to buy a new one…”

You can’t fight it. So when you come to bulky, heavy items that need many screws removing…boxing up and so on…”Can I be bothered? I’ll only have an old unit again…”

How do you fight that?

Anyway,I have a Technics HF unit I shall be sending over for you to repair soon.

Arthur Khoubesserian

44 (0) 7846 798367



Unit 2,EPS

Denton Island

New Haven   BN9 9BA


Mr. Max Cando
31   Greenside
WD 64 JA
0777 506 33 78


United Kingdom    contact  :

Loudspeakerrepair  in Cranbrook           TN17 4 JD

Mr. Hayes Alkin


Rawlinson cottages 1

TN 17 4 JD Cranbrook

07790 819626



United Kingdom  contact  :

Loudspeakerrepair in  Tunbridge Wells        TN 40 LF

Mr. Hardiman Ian


32 Wooley road
Tunbridge Wells
TN40LF Kent

United Kingdom  contact  :

Fleet       speaker repair        GU 51 3LN

Mr. Ives Jonathan

I do have a website and I have written a little blog post , as the subject of the site is repair/recycle and this is both of thise things.


My blog on your repair is here :


Some months back, I did a silly thing and blew one of the drivers in my speakers. I think while fumbling with the wires between my pre and power amps I may have run a tape monitor into the power. Anyway, there was a loud noise and after that one of the Dalesford drivers in my RAM 200 speakers was damaged. It still worked but sounded wrong, and applying gentle inward pressure revealed it was rubbing on the voice coil. Basically the wiring had over heated.


I looked around for a replacement but my challenge was that the Dalesford drivers are no longer made, and the RAM 200 used a special large magnet version of the driver. Some KEF drivers were considered a drop in replacement, but again, it would  require buying a second pair of speakers to cannibalise for parts, which also seemed wrong.

I wondered if the speaker driver could be repaired, though I realised this was beyond anything I could do.
I found a few places on the internet that could do the work, though some seemed to take a very long time, with feedback indicating a wait of months. In the end I choose loudspeakerrepair.com in Belgium, who replied quickly and assured me they could do the work.
Shipping to and from Belgium for a large speaker driver was not cheap, but these speakers were very special to me, having been my fathers. I think if you shop around you may be able to find a cheaper courier. I was sending from the UK.

I carefully wrapped and shipped the driver to their address. Van Poelvoorde Stefaan carried out the work very quickly , within a week,  the cost of the repair was a fair price, and most important, they sounded exactly like the original on return. Less than two weeks after damaging my beloved speakers, they were sounding as new again. Now I even forget that I had one repaired , which is the best thing you can say.

I am very pleased with their service


Chestnut Grove 9

United Kingdom  contact  :

Sheffield  speaker repair    S8  9 DE

Mr. MC Mahon

E mail address on request

Germany contact :

 Loudspeaker repair in Magdeburg   39 110

„Auf der Suche nach neuen Hochtönern für meine geliebten B&W Preference 5 Lautsprecherboxen fand ich über die Webseite www.loudspeakerrepair.com von Stefaan. Die erste Kontaktaufnahme war professionell, seriös und schnell. Er konnte sofort alle meine Fragen beantworten. Sicher verpackt schickte ich die 4 Hochtöner nach Belgien. Schon nach wenigen Tagen erhielt ich die E-Mail, dass die Hochtöner repariert sind. Der Preis war absolut fair, ich erhielt eine Rechnung, zahlte und bekam 3 Tage später die Hochtöner zurück. Seit dem erfolgreichem Wiedereinbau genieße ich jede Sekunde des unvergleichbaren Sounds. Loudspeakerrepair.com ist absolut zu empfehlen!”

Mr. Treffkorn Nico


Otto Gmbh

Goldschmiedebruecke  10-12

39110   Magdeburg

France contact :

Vitrolles  speaker repair    13127

Mr. Leca

E mail address on request

Laroque des Alberes speaker repair  

Mr. Eric B.

E mail address on request

Bordeaux    speaker repair    33 000

Mr.  Heynard

E mail address on request

Prissac      speaker repair      36370

Mr. Beleanu

E mail address on request

Finland contact

Riihimaki      speaker repair       111 20

Mr.  Tchetchelnitski

E mail address on request

Denmark contact

Ikast    speaker repair   7430

Mr. Pilegaard

E mail address on request

Austria contact


Down Town Hifi

Garnisongasse  9

1090  Wien.

0043 / 121 21 938



Spain contact

Palma de Mallorca   speaker repair    07157

Mr. Guerrero

E mail address on request

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